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New Orleans Youth Weekend Of Job Shadowing: Hospitality

The Full Story

New Orleans Youth Weekend of Job Shadowing initiative focuses on exposing Title I high school juniors and seniors to careers in the hospitality industry by providing hands-on experience in the hospitality industry (hotel, restaurant, convention, and tourism). 

Students join team members at partnering host hospitality companies to participate in a weekend of job shadowing to introduce them to the hospitality industry. The weekend begins with students completing an employment application. Then they partake in mock interviews where they learn basic expectations, such as dressing professionally, working in teams, and providing stellar customer service. Students gain hands-on experience during orientation, tour the property, and rotate throughout multiple departments, including managerial, operations, and customer service positions. During department rotations, students perform basic tasks associated with the positions.

The hospitality industry is a multibillion dollar industry with opportunities for growth. At Battlefield Tested and Proven we are committed to exposure the youth of New Orleans to the opportunities that await them right there in their own backyard. 

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